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Our services

Consulting - from analytic assessment to successful implementation

Strategic problems cannot be solved without analysing the actual situation. However, it is not necessary to start from the scratch if you have a problem and seek to solve it. Michael Schmidt - Consulting and Training provides you with structured consultancy skills deriving from our long experience in hands-on development, implementation of business strategies and change management processes in a wide range of commercial and non-profit environments.

Pure top-down principles do not always have positive results. Therefore we strive for a maximal acceptance of all measures taken in the due course of our projects by involving all those who have an impact on the project results - stake holders, management and staff.

Coaching for individuals or teams

For us, coaching is a creative process of consulting, supporting our clients in their quest for their individually best solutions.

We do coach individuals, executives, groups and teams according to their specific and unique way of achieving their specific goals. This helps to reveal open and hidden resources, enabling our clients to make the best use of them.


We offer a wide range of seminars, workshops, trainings and other learning methods to increase, improve and develop your knowledge, skills and personality.

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