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The guidelines for our daily work

As the actual situation, the goals and wishes of our clients vary a lot and require a very specific approach, we work according to the following Guide Lines:

  • We offer customized solutions that meet the specific and unique requirements of our clients
  • We set realistic time schedules and thus facilitate timely project completion.
  • Organisational involvement - we enable our clients to act and help themselves in future situations
  • We coach the organisation to achieve concept buy-in and ensure project success
  • Proactive implementation of the agreed-to recommendations
  • Maintaining relationships while achieving results
  • We follow a holistic approach, utilizing social, physical and psychological methods, in order to find humanistic solutions to organisational problems.

A professional label
guarantees our quality

We are committed to the ethical guidelines of the German "Forum Werteorientierung in der Weiterbildung e. V." (Forum for Value orientation in teaching and training, a German association founded to define a value and behavior codex for trainers and consultants in Germany).

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